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Our Operation Sites

Our Operation Sites

ADNOC Drilling’s 96 rigs are used for a large number of well drilling operations across the mainland of Abu Dhabi, in the surrounding seas and on our unique artificial islands.

Overview of ADNOC's producing and key fields under development

The company has been drilling wells in the UAE for almost 50 years and has developed generations of expertise; a level of operational excellence that primes us for even more expansion in the UAE and regionally.

Onshore Fields

The onshore fields we operate in are Qusahwira, Shah, Asab, Sahil, Rumaitha, Shanayel, Al Dhabbiya, Bab, Bida Al Qemzan, Bu Hasa and Huwaila.
Offshore Fields

Our offshore drilling operations include the fields Umm Al Dalkh, Umm Lulu, Mubarraz, Neewat Al Ghallan, Umm Al Anbar, Umm Shaif, Abu Al Bukhoosh, El Bunduq, Satah Al-Razboot, Zakum, Hail, Naser, Ghasha and Bu Haseer.

Artificial Islands

ADNOC has pioneered the operational use of unique artificial islands. ADNOC Drilling has 10 rigs in use on 4 artificial islands; Asseifiya, Ettouk, Al Ghallan, Umm Al Anbar.