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Our People

Our People

ADNOC Drilling is home to 8,000 dedicated engineers, specialists and technicians from 73 different countries. They make up our unique drilling family.

Drilling is highly skilled work carried out in some of the harshest and most challenging environments across the desert and offshore. Our frontline staff are trained to operate under the strictest safety regimes that we call ‘100% HSE.’

In the early days of the industry a lot of the drilling work was done manually but now our staff are multi-faceted, trained to operate advanced digital technology or run increasingly automated drilling machines.

They are renowned for close-knit teamworking and a commitment to responsibly and safely delivering start-to-finish wells on-time and on-budget.

Some of our frontliners have jobs with funny-sounding names like ‘roustabout,’ ‘roughneck’ and ‘derrickman. Many of these names came from the early years of oil exploration in the USA during the late 19th century and are still being used today.   

Derrickman: A drilling team member who stands on a high platform and feeds pipe that follows the cutting drill down the well. 

Roustabout: A deckhand or manual laborer.

Roughneck: A member of the drilling crew who assists in adding drill pipe to the well being drilled.