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Our Pioneers’ Memories

Our Pioneers’ Memories

As the bedrock of ADNOC operations for nearly 50 years, ADNOC Drilling has been a significant enabler of the spectacular growth of ADNOC and the UAE. 

This has been made possible in no small part by our dedicated employees. Over three generations, our people have helped to build the company into what it is today, the largest national drilling company in the Middle East by rig fleet size, with 96 owned onshore, offshore and island drilling rigs.

Here are just 4 of our drilling pioneers, sharing their stories of working in our onshore and offshore operations during the early years.

“Starting my career in ADNOC more than 40 years ago, I was fascinated by drilling operations right away. The work of the rig crews was hard but very inspiring. And when I was appointed General Manager of NDC, now ADNOC Drilling, in 2001, it was my happiest career moment. Here I was, leading ADNOC’s drilling arm, which, until today, continues to let ADNOC unlock the UAE’s hydrocarbon resources in service of the nation. It really is the bedrock of our national industry and has reliably gone from strength to strength over nearly fifty years.” 

Abdulmunim Saif Al-Kindy
Vice -chairman of the ADNOC Drilling Board

“In the beginning it was all about drilling because you have to drill the well to get the oil out. It had such a big role then and still does. At first, we thought we would have maybe 8 or 10 rigs. Now there are over 90, billions of Dirhams of assets. We even had our own rigs built in the UAE, creating even more value for the country. It is a great company.”

Suleiman Al Maskari (in green coverall)
Former ADNOC Drilling Assistant General Manager (retired)

“Every time I walked around the drilling rig helideck, I saw the sea, the sky, the boats, the choppers in the air and the activity we were doing on the rig. I realized how important what we were doing was for the diesel in the ships, the fuel in the helicopters and the lights in Abu Dhabi. Everything we were doing on that rig was a source for this success.” 

Fouad Silin
Drilling Team Manager

“Drilling was like a symphony of music. We drillers know this feeling like a sixth sense. If you are feeling this music, this sense, you are a driller. There was so much excitement when you were drilling, waiting for that moment of reaching oil or gas, holding your breath. It was like looking for gold. And, when you broke through to a reservoir you felt such pride in your rig, your company and your country.” 

Ahmed al Mansouri
Drilling Team Manager