Optimizing Resources

We use natural gas from the ADNOC supply chain to manufacture urea fertilizer for agricultural use, which is then marketed and sold to local and international markets.

Lean associated gas from onshore fields is piped from ADNOC Gas Processing plants and processed to produce liquid ammonia and carbon dioxide. These components are subsequently combined, dehydrated and granulated to produce the final product, granulated urea. We capture excess CO2 using a CO2 recovery unit, which is the first of its kind in both the UAE and the region. The unit has helped us to increase production by 30%, and reduce CO2 emissions from our plant by almost 20%.

ADNOC Fertilizers markets and sells granulated urea to local and international markets including the Indian sub-continent, the US, Latin America, Australia and Europe.

Innovating for the environment

ADNOC Fertilizers also produces ADNOC Fertilizers De-NOx agent (AdGreen) to support low nitrogen oxide initiatives for industrial and commercial applications. AdGreen can be used in diesel engines, furnaces, boilers and gas turbine generators to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, which contribute to global warming, smog formation and acid rain.