About ADNOC Fertilizers

As a producer of urea, the world's most widely used nitrogen fertilizer, we form an important part of ADNOC's downstream business.

ADNOC Fertilizers was established in 1980, and our goal is to optimize the use of our country’s natural gas resources, while maximizing profitability and delivering value. Our first plant, FERTIL-1, began production of ammonia and urea in 1983, and our second plant, FERTIL-2, became operational in 2013.

The introduction of FERTIL-2 has led to a significant increase in production, enabling us to both meet demand from our international customers, and increase our supply to the growing national agricultural sector in the UAE.

ADNOC Fertilizers plays an important role in supporting ADNOC to meet its strategic petrochemical sector objectives – namely, to add value to the nation’s resources, support industry diversification, and secure local market demand for nitrogen fertilizers.