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Optimizing Resources

Optimizing Resources

We work in close partnership with other ADNOC Group companies, including ADNOC Offshore to take the associated gas from offshore fields. 

Our operations take place on Das Island, an oil and gas operations hub that plays a major role in ADNOC’s operations. The gas is initially processed on Das before being transported via subsea pipeline to ADNOC Gas Processing plants at Habshan. 

We use the ADNOC Gas Processing pipeline network to distribute the sales gas to the national grid, and the natural gas liquids are sent to ADNOC’s Ruwais plant to produce ethane, propane, butane, and paraffinic naphtha. Our products are exported internationally from Das Island. 

We are also generating and fostering national partnerships in line with ADNOC’s In-Country Value (ICV) Program, to boost socio-economic growth and create job opportunities for UAE nationals.