Ports Fleet

ADNOC Logistics & Services is entrusted to operate the petroleum ports situated in Jebel Dhanna, Ruwais, Das Island, and Fujairah 

We offer key services such as pilotage, tanker loading, diving operations and single point mooring maintenance from these locations. Our Port Services Fleet consists of Terminal ASD Tugs, Assist Tugs, Pilot and Mooring boats, also for operating and maintaining the SPMs, we have combined teams of Maintenance and Diving Vessels, along with the maintenance crew.

Tug Boats: mid-sized ships with high power and a special maneuverability to allow her to manage tight situations. This type of vessels is used mainly to assist Larger Vessels with Channels passages, berthing/un-berthing, Tankers mooring on SPMs, Salvage, Towage and many diverse duties. ADNOC Logistics & Services Owns 21 Terminal Tugs/ ASD Tugs and all of them are operating with Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports

Diving support and maintenance vessels: ships that is used as a floating base for professional diving projects. ADNOC Logistics & Services owns 9. They are operating with different clients.

Mooring / Line boats: Vessels designed to support terminal operations in terms of handling mooring ropes of ships calling different ports and SPMs. ADNOC Logistics & Services owns 10 Boats

Pilot and crew boats; ships specially designed to perform Crew Transfers and equipped with a crane to support in maintenance of platforms/ installations. ADNOC Logistics & Services owns 7 Boats