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Services Unit

ADNOC Logistics & Services offers a wide range of onshore and offshore services, including logistics and facilities, manpower supply, and oilfield services.

Logistics and facilities

Our logistics and facilities offering is essential to ADNOC’s core operations. We oversee various facilities including workshops, warehouses, and jetties, and provide waste management, material handling and equipment rental solutions.

Manpower supply

Our wide range of manpower supply services are tailored to meet the outsourcing needs of ADNOC Group and other clients across the oil and gas value chain.


ADNOC Logistics and Services also provides a complex set of underwater, diving, inspection, and consultancy services to key offshore clients.

Oilfield and chemicals

To support upstream drilling efficiency, ADNOC Logistics & Services is a key supplier of oil field, well testing, simulation packages and cementing services. We also produce and sell essential chemicals, brine and drilling fluids.