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ADNOC Logistics & Services

ADNOC Logistics and Services provides world-class shipping, maritime, port, logistics and oil field services, serving ADNOC and international customers.

What We Do

Logistics & Services Activities


Integrated Logistics

ADNOC L&S offers seamless access to onshore and offshore logistics services to customers.

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Marine Services

ADNOC L&S offers a wide range of services covering port operations, diving and oil spill response services.


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ADNOC L&S owns and operates the region’s largest diversified shipping fleet.

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Logistics and Services

Our Fleet

Offshore Fleet

With an offshore fleet of over 121 vessels, ADNOC operates a wide range of marine operations.

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Ports Fleet

ADNOC L&S offers an extensive range of port, marine and specialized services with a marine fleet of over 55 vessels.

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Shipping Fleet

ADNOC L&S's shipping fleet of over 55 vessels a variety of products to over 100 customers across 50 countries.

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At ADNOC, we know that keeping our employees, communities and environment safe cannot be achieved without an unwavering commitment to 100% HSE.

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Takallam provides a facility to report any behavior by our employees, contractors or other third parties that does not meet our expectations of integrity.

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