Delivering Resources

We manage several large oil and gas fields in Abu Dhabi, and explore new locations for potential development.

ADNOC Onshore’s onshore concession area covers 12,000 square kilometres (as per the new concession agreement). We currently manage 11 fields, including Bab, Asab, Bu Hasa and Al Dabb’iya, and export oil and gas from two terminals at Jebel Al Dhanna and Fujairah.

ADNOC Onshore is currently gathering data from appraisal wells in three oil fields and undeveloped reservoirs to assess commercial value and identify good location candidates for development.


We are actively working to create a more profitable, efficient and sustainable upstream business by evaluating and deploying Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques.

In 2016, two EOR projects were commissioned at our NEB and Bab fields using CO2 captured from Emirates Steel. The EOR techniques that we are currently evaluating include Enhanced Water Flooding (low salinity water), HC miscible gas injection, non-HC miscible gas injection (such as the CO2 projects currently underway at NEB and Bab), surfactant injection, and foam and polymer flooding.

Our Energy Improvement Opportunities (EIO) program has enabled us to achieve cumulative savings of 2,820 terajoules in a single year, reducing CO2 emissions from our operations and enabling cost savings of US$8 million (AED 29 million).