Delivering Resources

We are exploring and developing new oil and gas fields within a total of three onshore and offshore locations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Haliba Field, located South East of Abu Dhabi, is at the forefront of our current development activities. Drilling operations at this site are ongoing and links are being established between the field and ADNOC Onshore’s Asab processing hub, where oil from the Haliba field will be processed.

Al Dhafra Petroleum is focused on exploring the rest of its concession areas to assess commercial value, and will begin the phased development of a number of fields. These include the Dhafra-Mushah and Ghurab onshore fields, and the Bu Dana and Mandous offshore fields.

Since it is thought that unconventional resources such as shale oil and gas can be found within our locations, we plan to draw upon the long experience of our sister companies and shareholders to capitalize on these assets. Collaboration within the Group companies is already underway, in the form of drilling activities between Al Dhafra Petroleum, ADNOC Onshore and ADNOC Offshore for both onshore and offshore projects.

We aim to implement the latest technologies at our newly developed fields, including a fully automated and smart unmanned operations concept at the Haliba field.