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Energy for Knowledge

Energy for Knowledge

Our people have always been our most important asset.

We employ some of the best and brightest minds in the UAE and, as we continue our transformation into a more competitive, commercially minded, performance-led organization, it is these outstanding individuals that are helping to enable our country and our people to realize their remarkable potential.

We are a diverse family of more than fifty thousand people, who originate from the UAE and beyond, with over 100 different nationalities represented across the ADNOC Group. We are engineers and technicians, chemists and geologists, accountants and surveyors. People from different backgrounds, with unique perspectives and wide-ranging skillsets, who share a collective responsibility: to enable and accelerate the UAE’s progress and development.

Our work is the key to the UAE’s prosperity, it unlocks possibilities, connects communities and creates opportunities. We will continue to shoulder the responsibility that has been entrusted to us by the UAE’s wise leadership, creating a better life for everyone who calls the UAE home.

Together, we bring energy to life.