Our Products

Crude oil and condensates:

The main onshore grade for our crude oil is Murban. Our offshore grades include Das crude (a newly introduced high quality crude blend from the Umm Shaif and Lower Zakum oilfields) and Upper Zakum.

Petroleum products:

Our refined petroleum products are produced by ADNOC Refining. They are sold domestically by ADNOC Distribution and are also exported to international markets.

Gas and sulphur:

Our liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and paraffinic naphtha is produced by ADNOC Gas Processing and ADNOC LNG, while our sulphur production from the Shah sour gas field, developed by ADNOC Sour Gas, has seen a significant increase in output.


Our petrochemicals are produced by Borouge and ADNOC Fertilizers. 6% of our ammonia and urea is marketed within the UAE, with the remaining 94% exported to the Indian sub-continent, Asia, Africa, USA, Latin America and Australia.

Product specifications:

Our oil, gas, refined products and petrochemicals are sold in six continents.

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