strategy 2030

Enabling ADNOC 2030 Strategy

Enablers: Technology, Partnerships & People

ADNOC’s 2030 strategy is enabled by a focus on Partnerships, Technology and Human Capital and will be sustained through active engagement with stakeholders who are core to the development and sustainable implementation of our integrated strategy.


Technology is a key enabler of ADNOC’s strategy and will ensure the organization retains its competitiveness, grows sustainably and takes full advantage of market opportunities.

Focused on value creation, ADNOC drives technology development in three different ways; we develop our own technologies where this responds to specific challenges that aren’t addressed by solutions available in the market, we buy existing and proven technology where this delivers solutions in the most cost effective way; and we collaborate with universities and industry partners where this offers the most promising route to future technology deployment.

Our aim is to explore innovative methods, across the entire value chain, to improve the operational performance of our upstream and downstream assets to gain a competitive advantage in the future.


ADNOC will build on its 45-year track record of reliable and long-term partnerships with strategic, value-add partners.

We are evolving our approach to partnerships and co-investment to deliver smarter, strategic partnerships. Spanning across our entire oil and gas value chain, new partnership opportunities will help optimize operational and financial performance at both the ADNOC Group and asset level and they will help secure access to target markets and the new centers of global demand. They will bring new expertise and foster better knowledge sharing between ADNOC and our partners as well as enable the co-development of cutting edge intellectual property and technology.


Our employees are our greatest asset and throughout the transformation we are focusing on developing a highly skilled world-class work force and instilling a strong sense of responsibility and commitment built on a performance-driven culture.

Enhanced Human Capital policies and performance management has been rolled out across ADNOC and is facilitating the development, mobility and career enhancement of our people, and in particular Emiratis, across the company by ensuring they have opportunities for growth.

This is supported by world-class leadership and youth development programs that have particular emphasis on the development and creation of opportunities for women particularly at senior levels of the organization.