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More Valuable Downstream

More Valuable Downstream

Stretching the margin of each refined barrel of oil, expanding petrochemical production, developing new high value products to meet growing demand and increasing refining capacity.

We will deliver performance improvement and excellence programs that increase our profitability and pursue integration opportunities that add value to our business.

We will create competitive advantage by applying technology that delivers higher value products and generate differential returns through new growth and expansion projects.

We will seek exciting new opportunities across ADNOC’s refinery and petrochemicals portfolio that will bring in partners to improve integration, realize synergies and expand ADNOC’s technological capability and output to meet the rising global demand for petrochemical products.

Our goals are:

  • Increase gasoline production to 10.2 mtpa by 2022
  • Grow petrochemicals production [from 4.5 mtpa in 2016] to 11.4 mtpa by 2025
  • Expand range of high value innovative plastics solutions