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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency has played a major part in reducing our carbon footprint. Energy efficiency is integrated into our business operations through the group-wide ISO 50001 certification in energy management.

In 2016, we developed a roadmap to improve our energy efficiency by 10% by 2020, compared to a baseline year of 2014. This was based on a comprehensive review of our energy performance, at the asset level, to identify opportunities for improvement and for integration of proven best practices and innovative technologies.

Across our operations, we have taken tangible steps to implement a variety of energy efficiency projects to target both energy supply and demand. These include: introduction of waste heat recovery, use of renewable energy, installation of more energy efficient equipment, electrification, optimized operational solutions, and improved combustion efficiencies.

We achieved a 15% improvement in our energy efficiency, ahead of our 2020 target, resulting in more than 100 million GJ energy savings across our operating companies.

In step with our digital transformation, we have established an integrated energy monitoring system in our Panorama Digital Command Center. Through an interactive platform and dashboard, we can monitor and analyze our energy performance, to identify optimization across the value chain and drive further reduction in our energy footprint. The operational insights provided are converted to performance targets and action plans that are regularly monitored and reported.