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Minimizing Flaring

Minimizing Flaring

We have made great strides towards eliminating flaring of natural gas across our operations, successfully achieving 89% reduction in flaring since the company’s inception. 

Our investments in the early 1980s to gather and process flared gas was instrumental in unlocking value from wasted gas to supply our power generation needs and the UAE’s energy demand, as well as mitigating the negative environmental impacts associated with flaring. Today, we only employ flaring as an operational safety measure to avoid pressure build-up.

Implementation of a zero routine gas flaring policy, in the early 2000s, was a major milestone on our path to eliminate flaring and reduction of methane emissions to the atmosphere.

Across our operations, we have implemented best available technologies and operational measures to minimize flaring, which include installing flare gas recovery systems, green completions during drilling operations, smokeless flare design achieving 99% combustion efficiencies, enhancing equipment reliability, and monitoring of flaring rates across our activities.