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Developing the local economy in the places we work

Developing the local economy in the places we work

Since the 1980s, ADNOC has successfully developed the local services and infrastructure of Ruwais City, transforming it from a remote desert village into a fully integrated advanced industrial complex and thriving community.

Ruwais City is a 6.9-square kilometer community adjacent to the Ruwais Industrial Complex, in Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra region. It is home to our employees, working at the industrial complex, and their families, with more than 65 nationalities represented across a population of over 25,000 people.

Our impact on the Al Dhafra region has not been limited to the expansion of our industrial base. The Ruwais Housing Complex represents a series of multimillion-dollar investments to enhance the city’s infrastructure, creating a high quality of life for residents and strengthening the city’s infrastructure, services and life-style offerings.

Ruwais City will significantly benefit and grow as we progress our plans to deliver our 2030 downstream growth strategy and expand the Ruwais Industrial Complex. This growth will almost double the city’s population, introduce new business opportunities and create thousands of jobs. Planned high quality infrastructure projects, to meet the growing population’s needs, will ensure we continue to attract a diverse and skilled workforce.

Protecting the Ruwais Community

The safety and sustainability of our operations go hand-in-hand with our work to protect our communities. As such, we have taken active measures to protect the Ruwais community from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in line with the UAE government’s mandates and guidelines.

We have maintained strict controls and restrictions to isolate community members and manage transportation between plant sites and accommodations. This has helped ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, their families and other community members in Ruwais.

To reinforce our commitment to consistent and transparent communication, we maintain a 24/7 hotline, ‘800 Ruwais’, to provide the members of our Ruwais community with an open line of communication to raise queries and concerns, in addition to conducting regular social media campaigns to keep the community informed and aware of COVID-19 updates.

Ruwais Housing Complex

1 hospital and clinic and 3 pharmacies (administered by ADNOC’s Medical Services Unit)

Public and community support include civil defence, police stations, mosques, banks, public parks, recreation centers and fitness clubs, etc.