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Giving Back to Our Communities

Giving Back to Our Communities

At ADNOC, we believe the success of our business is linked to the prosperity of our community. We have a long and proud history of fostering long-term, strategic partnerships that strengthen our “One Community” approach to creating positive impact and lasting value for all.

We have made significant investments that span a wide spectrum of targeted social initiatives, education outreach and strategic partnerships. These are supported by a centralized Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team and a robust strategy that has enabled ADNOC to focus and reinforce its contributions to the wider community.

Our CSR goals and activities are tied to our business objectives, are impact-driven and aligned to national priorities. We have a long tradition of investing in UAE youth, supporting local communities, and safeguarding the UAE's most valuable natural resources.

Our ADNOC CSR Focus Areas Map guides our CSR efforts. It assists us in achieving our purpose of: Empowering and Building a Knowledge-Based Economy, Inspiring Our Communities, and Preserving Our Heritage and Environment.