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Occupational Health


Occupational Health

We are committed to building a workplace culture of zero injuries, illnesses, and incidents. We identify potential health risks across our operating sites beforehand so that our employees can enjoy a healthy work environment. By striving to create a working environment that is free from occupational illness and injury, we can ensure that our employees and contractors go home safe and healthy.

In the industry that we work in, the workforce faces potential health risks and occupational health hazards. As an advocate for the health and wellbeing of our employees and contractors, we host several training sessions and health education programs to ensure health awareness and minimize HSE risk.

The ADNOC Occupational Health Framework equips us to continuously monitor the working conditions of our employees through the following elements:

  • Health risk management and control: We have identified and established an inventory of all potential and current occupational health hazards, assessed the associated health risks, and implemented effective control measures to eliminate or minimize potential health risks.
  • Fit for role management: Our health observation program includes medical examinations and screening that are conducted at pre-employment stages and regularly throughout the employment contract.
  • First-aid risk assessment and management: Our qualified medics effectively manage serious incidents that may occur.
  • Occupational health reporting: We keep track of any health issues our employees may have during the course of their employment.