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Keeping our People Safe

Safety is a core value and an integral part of ADNOC’s culture that applies to every aspect of our operations. We have a responsibility to ensure our people go home safely every day. The progress we make is underpinned by our ability to keep our employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate safe.

HSE Strategy
We have also devised strategic plans for risk management and established emergency response procedures to embed a 100% HSE culture throughout our operations.
10 Life-Saving Rules

At ADNOC, the lives of our employees and contractors are paramount to our optimal business performance. We have developed robust policies to address both personal and process safety challenges. We have increased accountability in our workplace while recognizing safe and good behavior across our operations.

We have embedded a safety culture into our everyday lives by launching ten Life-Saving Rules that keep our employees and contractors safe. These principles are based on international best practices and help prevent injuries, protect the lives of our employees, and safeguard damage to our assets.

10 Life-Saving Rules

  • Work with a valid permit when required - Obtain authorization before entering a confined space
  • Verify isolation and zero energy before work begins
  • Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling safety controls
  • Protect yourself against a fall when working at height
  • Plan lifting operations and control the area
  • Follow the rules for working in toxic gas environments
  • Follow safe driving rules
  • Keep yourself and others out of the line of fire
  • Control flammables and ignition sources

We are all safety leaders. Our journey to 100% HSE is a collective effort, where we are shaping a culture of trust and commitment to stay accountable to each other’s safety.

Since 2018, we hold an annual group-wide Safety Day to exemplify the importance of being a safety leader. During the Safety Day, our employees and contractors discuss behaviors that are required in safety leadership when working across our onshore and offshore operations.

In 2023, Safety Day was themed ‘The Falcon State of Mind’. The falcon is the UAE’s national bird. Falcons possess unique skills and personalities which, in many ways, exemplify the safety behaviors ADNOC aims to instill in its employees:

  • Vigilant: Being aware of dangers, risks or threats
  • Proactive: Anticipating what can happen, and acting rather than reacting
  • Alert: Being observant, mentally aware and ready to respond
  • Focused: Directing your attention towards a specific task, goal or objective
  • Prepared: Being ready with the necessary tools, equipment and knowledge

Throughout Safety Day, employees engaged with these five topics through town halls, toolbox talks and leadership site visits. The touch points provided an opportunity to share experiences and embrace the Falcon State of Mind.

Every summer, our attention is drawn to our site employees who work for prolonged periods in the extreme heat and humidity due to the nature of their jobs. Through our annual ‘Beat the Heat’ campaign, we are taking measures to ensure they enjoy optimal health and wellbeing at all times.

Through several awareness programs, we train our employees on how to manage the summer heat by drinking water frequently and avoiding dehydration. We have adopted a heat stress prevention management plan so that we can achieve zero heat-related occupational illness across our operations.

Our dedicated HSE leaders are focused on monitoring our site employees for early signs of heat stress and take remedial measures where necessary.

At ADNOC, our values are underpinned by an unwavering focus on 100% HSE, in line with our 2030 smart growth strategy: our commitment to keeping employees, communities, environment, and assets safe from harm. Every day, we work together to ensure that everyone goes home safely.

In 2017, the ADNOC leadership signed a 100% HSE Pledge that directs the way we think, act, and conduct business. The ADNOC Group HSE function within our operations ensures that we follow the highest HSE governance encouraging appropriate personal and process safety measures. We have also devised strategic plans for risk management and established emergency response procedures to embed a 100% HSE culture throughout our operations.

Together, we are transforming ADNOC into an industry benchmark in HSE performance, firmly founded on a strong safety culture that inspires others.

We are committed to building a workplace culture of zero injuries, illnesses, and incidents. We identify potential health risks across our operating sites beforehand so that our employees can enjoy a healthy work environment. By striving to create a working environment that is free from occupational illness and injury, we can ensure that our employees and contractors go home safe and healthy.

In the industry that we work in, the workforce faces potential health risks and occupational health hazards. As an advocate for the health and wellbeing of our employees and contractors, we host several training sessions and health education programs to ensure health awareness and minimize HSE risk.

The ADNOC Occupational Health Framework equips us to continuously monitor the working conditions of our employees through the following elements:

  • Health risk management and control: We have identified and established an inventory of all potential and current occupational health hazards, assessed the associated health risks, and implemented effective control measures to eliminate or minimize potential health risks.
  • Fit for role management: Our health observation program includes medical examinations and screening that are conducted at pre-employment stages and regularly throughout the employment contract.
  • First-aid risk assessment and management: Our qualified medics effectively manage serious incidents that may occur.
  • Occupational health reporting: We keep track of any health issues our employees may have during the course of their employment.

The 100% HSE ‘I Am The Difference’ campaign was launched in 2018 and captured the importance of creating a deep and meaningful health and safety culture. With participation by ADNOC Leadership, our employees and contractors, the campaign reflected the importance of keeping our people, communities, the environment, and assets safe from harm.

Together, we are committed to:

  • Creating a safety culture of responsibility in our workplace
  • Leaving no room for complacency
  • Acting decisively in an unsafe situation when no one else may act
  • Empowering others to stand firm whenever safety is at risk
  • Supporting and challenging our leaders