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Building a knowledge-based Economy

Our educational investments play a key role in contributing to developing a skilled and diverse UAE workforce.

Developing a knowledge-based and competitive economy is founded on integrating the key pillars of innovation, research, science, and technology. Building on these principles, ADNOC has created a world-class education and energy research ecosystem to harness the talent and creativity of our employees and our local youth, supporting the needs of an evolving energy sector.

Our educational investments play a key role in contributing to developing a skilled and diverse UAE workforce. Our academic institutions include the ADNOC Technical Academy, and a series of ADNOC Schools across four locations in Abu Dhabi. We have introduced several initiatives for our students in these institutes, including scholarship programs, youth programs, summer programs and internships.

ADNOC Schools

Founded in 2008, ADNOC Schools provide a challenging and rigorous academic curriculum to gifted Emirati and expatriate students. Nearly 6,000 students are enrolled in ADNOC Schools, which include one school in the capital city of Abu Dhabi and three schools, in the emirate’s Al Dhafra region, at Ruwais, Madinat Zayed and Ghayathi.

ADNOC Technical Academy

The ADNOC Technical Academy trains and develops young UAE nationals as operators and technicians for entry to ADNOC. Established in 1978, the academy is the first vocational training institute in Abu Dhabi to develop a skilled national workforce that will meet the demands of the oil and gas sector in the UAE. As part of a phased 30-month program, the trainees undergo on-the-job training at ADNOC’s facilities, providing them with an understanding of the oil and gas industry.

Since its establishment, the ADNOC Technical Academy has trained over 6,500 UAE Nationals.

ADNOC Scholarships

At ADNOC, we believe students should have access to the world’s leading academic institutions. Established in 1974, the ADNOC Scholarship Program has supported outstanding students in their undergraduate and postgraduate studies, both within the UAE and abroad, across a range of specialized disciplines essential to the advancement of the UAE’s development and economic objectives.

In 2023, we enrolled 38 scholars pursuing various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in technical and engineering disciplines. More than 6,000 students have graduated from the ADNOC Scholarship Program since it was established.

Shaping the Workforce of the Future

ADNOC is committed to strengthening the UAE’s efforts to create a sustainable and competitive knowledge-based economy. In support of the nation’s socio-economic development plans, we have introduced educational programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). STEM skills are critical to ensuring students are prepared for the jobs of the 21st century. We believe our focused investments in STEM initiatives will help nurture the next generation of skilled and globally competitive workers who will be the driving force of the UAE’s economy. Our STEM programs are aligned with the national strategic priorities set out in the UAE Vision 2021 and Centennial Plan 2071. This also resonates with ADNOC’s 2030 growth strategy and our social responsibility to develop local talent. In 2023 alone, the STEM programs engaged more than 74,000 students from more than 1,700 schools and 16 universities. ADNOC also offers a free, online, bilingual platform for anyone passionate about STEM called ‘STEM for Life’, which has reached approximately 23,000 students.

Kumon Method

In 2018, ADNOC signed an agreement with the Japan Oil Development Company Co. Ltd and the Kumon Institute of Education to pilot the highly successful Kumon Method of learning mathematics at ADNOC Schools in the UAE.

In response to evolving educational needs, ADNOC has partnered with Kumon to implement digital learning solutions, including developing "Prep Kumon" for early-grade learners. These initiatives aimed to optimize the learning experience and adapt to changing educational dynamics, including remote and blended learning environments. ADNOC's partnership with Kumon has significantly contributed to students' educational development, providing invaluable support to educators and families. This partnership is a testament to our longstanding commitment to fostering educational excellence and empowering the youth of the UAE. The success of this collaboration is evident in the consistently positive feedback from parents and teachers, who have noted substantial improvements in students' academic skills, focus levels, and independent learning abilities.

The innovative ADNOC collaboration with Kumon has not only been successful in the UAE but has also been replicated in other countries, including Nepal, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. This expansion sets a global benchmark in digitally enabled learning, showcasing the scalability and success of our partnership.

Approximately 18,800 students in the UAE have benefited from the program since 2018, with the involvement of more than a 1,000 teachers.

ADNOC-Bloomberg Education Initiative

Our four-year partnership with the UAE Ministry of Education and Bloomberg aims to equip young people with specialized financial skills to navigate global capital markets and commodities trading. The initiative strengthens ADNOC’s commitment to making Abu Dhabi a global commodity training hub and develops the foundational components of a sustainable trading ecosystem and talent pipeline for ADNOC’s trading unit.

100 Bloomberg terminals have been installed at five leading Abu-Dhabi universities, where students learn how to analyze real-time financial data. During the pandemic, the ADNOC-Bloomberg Education Initiative converted terminal licenses to Bloomberg Anywhere licenses for university professors at all five universities, enabling teaching professors to access the terminals remotely and integrate them into the e-learning curriculum.

In 2023, the programs engaged more than 1,800 students from five universities.

Engineers of the Future with YAS in Schools Program

Our longstanding program, YAS in Schools, uses the world of Formula 1® and motorsports to excite and engage students in STEM subjects. The youth-focused initiative offers schools and students a pathway into STEM-based learning projects. Using the popularity of motorsports and Formula 1, participants develop their skills across a number of subjects, including design, science, engineering, and mathematics, through three programs: Formula Ethara, F1 in School and 4x4.

The ADNOC YAS in Schools National Finals showcased the program's success in engaging and inspiring young people to pursue STEM-based learning projects. The program provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their skills and explore their interests and has become a cornerstone in ADNOC's STEM education initiatives.

During the ADNOC YAS in Schools National Finals in 2023, over 900 students from over 120 schools competed for the top prizes. Every year, during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, students have the opportunity to participate in the F1 in Schools Test Driver and be part of the Grid Kids initiative.

Making STEM Education Accessible

ADNOC STEM for Life is a program designed to prepare students for future-focused careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), alongside the ambition to build connections between ADNOC and families throughout the UAE. The program was first launched (as ADNOC STEM @ Home) in 2020 to support families and youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has expanded since its inception to become an essential part of ADNOC’s STEM education initiatives. The addition of the STEM For Life online portal has increased its reach and scope, making it easier for students to access content and track their learning progress. It has also allowed the content team to complement and enrich the STEM learning that takes place during regular school hours.

The STEM for Life challenges require hard work and dedication, and are largely completed in the students’ own free time. The fact that the program receives so many high-quality submissions is a testament to the students’ engagement and the opportunity to practice their STEM skills and solve creative challenges.

In 2023, the program’s platform had more than 17,400 students, and approximately 14,000 students signed up for the program’s Facebook page, demonstrating its increasing popularity among students and their families.