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Our Values

Living our values helps us to unlock possibility, create opportunities, and connect communities.

Our Values

Our people are our most valuable asset and form the basis for our business objectives and strategy. Together, we enhance the company’s performance, increase profitability, and optimize efficiency. As a performance-driven company, our employees are strongly guided by the values that they have chosen to represent the ADNOC Group best.

Our values inspire the way we do business, inform our behavior and conduct, and guide our decision-making. They incorporate the UAE’s spirit of dedication, accountability, and higher purpose. Living our values helps us to unlock possibility, create opportunities, and connect communities.

We are proudly collaborative, efficient, progressive, respectful, and responsible. Our values are underpinned by an unwavering focus on 100% HSE: our commitment to keeping employees, communities, the environment, and assets safe from harm.

Our Values

Values ADNOC Represent


We work closely with our partners and peers, leveraging collective strengths to deliver mutually beneficial results. We strive to raise teamwork to a higher level, solve issues together, and innovate faster. By recognizing efforts and results, we build trust-based relationships, encourage information sharing, and deliver constructive feedback.


We are a performance-driven company dedicated to maximizing the value of every barrel of oil for the benefit of our people, our community, our partners, and our nation. We also strive for excellence while minimizing wastage of resources. We take an energetic approach towards carrying out our responsibilities, look for continuous improvement, see projects through to completion, and inspire others to do the same.


We foster the UAE’s spirit of innovation to ensure that our business remains at the forefront of the global energy industry. Daily, we go beyond business as usual, do things differently, and embrace new ways of thinking. Our culture empowers us to be change agents, where we share creative ideas, overcome challenges together, and adapt to the evolving energy landscape quickly.


We encourage a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect, and always operate to the very highest professional and ethical standards. We look out for each other and promote open communication that supports our development as individuals and as an organization. We support constructive dialogue and active listening while respecting cultural diversity.


We devote our efforts to making a positive difference in our community while maintaining an unwavering commitment to health, safety, and the environment. We take the initiative to identify new opportunities, honor our obligations, and stay responsible for our contributions. By adopting a ‘can do’ approach, we motivate each other, demonstrate a spirit of excellence and achieve amazing results.