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ADNOC and Fertiglobe to Pilot First-of-its-Kind Cost Effective Modular Carbon Capture Technology

ADNOC continues carbon management leadership with deployment of innovative modular CycloneCC carbon capture units

Technology to be piloted in partnership with Fertiglobe, complementing ADNOC’s ongoing investments in carbon capture and storage 

Pilot follows ADNOC’s recent announcement to double carbon capture capacity to 10 mtpa of CO2 by 2030 


Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 3, 2023: ADNOC and Fertiglobe, the strategic partnership between ADNOC and OCI Global, today announced the pilot deployment of the world’s first cost-effective modular CycloneCC carbon capture unit at Fertiglobe’s 100% owned nitrogen fertilizer plant in the Al Ruwais Industrial Complex, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The CycloneCC technology, which has been developed by Carbon Clean, is designed to improve the economics of point source carbon capture within industrial facilities.

Traditional point source carbon capture technology relies on feeding gas through large absorption and stripping towers where solvent and heat are used to separate, capture and compress CO2. The process is capital, time, and energy intensive, with projects typically taking years to build. Carbon Clean’s CycloneCC unit uses rotating packed bed technology to allow for prefabricated modular carbon capture units half the size of conventional carbon capture units. 

The carbon dioxide captured using the CycloneCC unit will complement an existing ADNOC project to sequester CO2 within Abu Dhabi’s onshore carbonate aquifers. Successful piloting of the technology also holds the potential for the broader deployment of CycloneCC carbon capture units across ADNOC and Fertiglobe’s operations. 

Sophie Hildebrand, ADNOC Chief Technology Officer, said: “Across ADNOC, we are exploring every opportunity to decarbonize our operations and leverage technology and partnerships as part of our journey to Net Zero by 2045. Developing and deploying cost-effective carbon capture technologies is critical to achieving our annual target of 10 million tons of carbon capture, utilization and storage capacity by 2030.” 

Today’s announcement supports ADNOC’s recent decision to double its carbon capture capacity to 10 million tons per annum (mtpa) of carbon dioxide (CO2). As part of its wider carbon management strategy, ADNOC aims to create a unique platform that connects all the sources of emissions and sequestration sites to accelerate the delivery of ADNOC and the UAE’s decarbonization goals. It builds on ADNOC’s recent final investment decision to develop its pioneering 1.5 mtpa Habshan carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) project. 

Since 2016, ADNOC has operated Al Reyadah, an 800,000 tons per year carbon capture, utilization and storage facility in Abu Dhabi. The company is also implementing several innovative, technology projects, including CO2 mineralization and full carbon sequestration in saline aquifers. 

The deployment of the CycloneCC carbon capture unit is one of a number of projects Fertiglobe is exploring as part of its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of its operations and meeting the increasing demand for low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia.

Ahmed El-Hoshy, CEO of Fertiglobe, said: “We take the climate challenge very seriously and believe that the carbon capture technology will play a significant role in the transition to a more sustainable future. We are pleased that ADNOC, a pioneer in carbon capture and storage in the Middle East, has selected Carbon Clean’s innovative and proprietary carbon capture technology for deployment at our nitrogen fertilizer plant in Ruwais, and view this partnership as a further step towards achieving the UAE's decarbonization and net zero ambitions.”

Carbon Clean has over a decade of experience in designing, building and operating industrial carbon capture systems for hard-to-abate industries, with over 85 active patent assets covering more than 30 countries. Its CycloneCC technology was recognized as the Clean Energy Technology Innovation of the Year at Monday’s ADIPEC Awards ceremony. 

Aniruddha Sharma, Chair and CEO of Carbon Clean, said: “This project is hugely significant given it’s the first industrial deployment of CycloneCC technology anywhere in the world. We are moving a step closer to achieving full commercialization of this modular solution which will play a vital role in decarbonizing heavy industries and achieving net-zero targets. I’m especially pleased to be working alongside ADNOC, which is at the forefront of efforts to develop climate-critical sectors such as CCUS.” 

The pilot deployment of Carbon Clean’s CycloneCC carbon capture unit will commence next month. Successful piloting of the technology will allow for the deployment of larger CycloneCC carbon capture units, currently being manufactured in the UAE, across facilities operated by ADNOC Gas and other group companies. 

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October 03, 2023
Abu Dhabi

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