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About the new system

Centralized Registration and Pre-Qualification: Only one time registration with the ADNOC Commercial Directory is required to do business with any of the ADNOC Group Companies

Process Efficiency and Reduced Administrative Costs: Registration and pre-qualification progress can be tracked online thus improving the efficiency of registration and pre-qualification

Improved Supplier Relationship: Online and real time supplier registration system will be available with simplified registration questionnaire and centralized supplier workspace for supplier’s team to collaborate, manage and complete tasks will enhance supplier satisfaction

Real Time Supplier Information Management: Quick and easy access to the online repository of associated documents such as supplier certificates, with automated reminders of the expiry of certificates.

The new process of registration and pre-qualification with ADNOC Commercial Directory will apply to all ADNOC Group company suppliers – existing and new.

Existing suppliers have been migrated to the new system, and are already registered and pre-qualified. This means they will only be required to review and validate their profile information and license details. They should await a notification from Ariba to log in and validate their Ariba account.

All new suppliers will need to complete a one-time registration on the ADNOC Centralized Directory.

Upon registration, all suppliers will receive an e-mail from Ariba containing an Ariba Network ID (ANID). This ID should be used for all communications between the supplier and ADNOC.

ADNOC will review the supplier licenses registered with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Department of Economic Development on a regular basis. Suppliers are expected to update their license prior to expiry. If a supplier does not have a valid license, ADNOC cannot do business with the supplier.


After April 2, the ADNOC Commercial Directory will be the single gateway for all communication regarding supplier registration and pre-qualification across the ADNOC Group.

Suppliers who have already submitted their application to an ADNOC Group company for pre-qualification and are awaiting a decision will not have to re-apply to the ADNOC Commercial Directory. All pending cases will be reviewed and pre-qualified by the respective Group company.

After April 2, ADNOC Group companies will not accept any registration and pre-qualification applications from suppliers. All applications will be submitted to the ADNOC Commercial Directory.

If a supplier already holds an Ariba account, there is no need for them to re-register. The supplier can login to Ariba using their existing account credentials, view the ADNOC account in the “Customer Requested” tab on the “Company Profile” page, and update their company profile as appropriate.

The supplier will be treated as a qualified supplier in the ADNOC Commercial Directory.

Please download the Supplier Registration Guide Handbook and follow the steps to register with the ADNOC Commercial Directory.

Existing vendors who are pre-qualified with any of the ADNOC Group Companies will continue to be pre-qualified in the ADNOC Commercial Directory, and will not receive a new notification.

New suppliers registering with the ADNOC Commercial Directory will receive a notification once the pre-qualification evaluation is completed by the Commercial Directory Team.

Tenders, bidding, and working for ADNOC

The Ariba terms and conditions refer only to system access. The ADNOC Group terms and conditions have already been standardized. Therefore, there will be no change to the terms and conditions after April 2.

There will be no change to the ADNOC Group company bidding process.

No. If the license is valid at the time of applying for the tender, the tender will be accepted. Suppliers should ensure that their license remains updated.

Only ADNOC HQ suppliers will receive POs and submit invoices through Ariba. ADNOC Group Company suppliers will be limited to registration and pre-qualification only. For PO receipt and invoice submissions, please refer to the respective ADNOC Group company ERP system.

A Supplier Support Service, based at ADNOC Headquarters, will be available to resolve supplier queries regarding the new process.

Supplier Support Service e-mail:

Supplier Support Service Phone Number (Toll Free): 8004455

Technical support is also available to resolve log-in or other technical issues:

Ariba Help:

Ariba Support Center Phone Number (Toll Free): 80004441043

There will be one Supplier Support Service. All queries for any ADNOC Group company should be directed to the Supplier Support Service for resolution.

Supplier Support Service