At ADNOC, we know that keeping our employees, communities and environment safe cannot be achieved without an unwavering commitment to 100% HSE, and a zero-tolerance approach to compromises or shortcuts. 

Our people and contractors are at the heart of 100% HSE. They enforce and implement the Group HSE policy, identify and mitigate risks, and keep themselves and their colleagues safe. All ADNOC employees are empowered and obliged to intervene in unsafe situations, address the issue, and ensure that our policies and procedures are followed.

Our people make sure that Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas industry remains one of the safest in the world, with a Lost Time Frequency Injury (LTIF) rate that is considerably lower than the global industry average.

Yet there is no room for complacency: 100% HSE is a continuous and never-ending effort, whether we are at work, at home, or abroad. By embracing, believing in and being accountable for 100% HSE, we make sure everyone goes home safe every day.

HSE governance

ADNOC’s HSE Management framework manages business risks in line with established HSE policies, systems, procedures and guidelines. This safeguards integrity of our facilities, operating systems and processes, and is vital to ensure that we deliver energy to the world in a safe and sustainable manner.