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Global Trading of Refined Products

Global Trading of Refined Products

ADNOC Global Trading brings to market a range of ADNOC petroleum products, including diesel, gasoline, LPG, naphtha, jet fuel, gas oil and base oils, fuel oil, in addition to speciality products such as Carbon Black and Pet Coke.

We are active in the global market place to trade our refined light and medium distillate products to new and existing customers, as well as a broad range of financial market participants.

Light Distillate

  • Naphtha
  • Gasoline

Middle Distillate

  • Jet Fuel
  • Gas Oil
  • Diesel

Fuel Oil and Bunker

We follow the global refined products markets closely to identify trading opportunities to deliver the quality, properties and specifications our customers require.

Integrated Solutions

ADNOC has transformed into a more sophisticated fully-integrated marketing, supply and trading organization.

The introduction of ADNOC Global Trading offers a broader range of integrated shipping and storage solutions and bespoke services to our customers.

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