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ADNOC Trading Academy

ADNOC Trading Academy

The ADNOC Trading Academy offers a unique opportunity for talented, curious and motivated UAE Nationals to join ADNOC’s trading entities, ADNOC Global Trading and ADNOC Trading. 

Located in Abu Dhabi's financial hub, Abu Dhabi Global Market (AGDM), the rigorous 2-year program prepares Emiratis for a dynamic role within ADNOC’s trading entities, shaping the future of the energy sector. 

ADNOC Trading Academy offers hands-on training, blending theory with practice. With a focus on nurturing Emirati talent, this initiative not only fosters personal growth but also contributes to the UAE's vision of developing a skilled UAE trading workforce. 

Explore a day in the life of a Trader and experience a transformative journey where innovation meets expertise, shaping the future of trading excellence and empowering the next generation of Emirati leaders in the trading world.