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ADNOC Safety Day

ADNOC Safety Day

We are all safety leaders. Our journey to 100% HSE is a collective effort, where we are shaping a culture of trust and commitment to stay accountable to each other’s safety.

Since 2018, we hold an annual group-wide Safety Day to exemplify the importance of being a safety leader. During the Safety Day, our employees and contractors discuss behaviors that are required in safety leadership when working across our onshore and offshore operations.

The 2019 theme for ADNOC Safety Day was ‘I am a Safety Leader’. The tenets encompass:

  • I always act safely: Safety is a personal value that influences our decisions. It is the first thing we think about, talk about, and execute successfully.
  • I walk the talk: We demonstrate our credibility by leading others by example and with the right attitude.
  • I uphold our safety rules: We hold ourselves and others accountable for behaviors, decisions, and actions. By upholding our safety rules, we reflect our commitment to safety leadership.
  • I inspire safe behavior: We follow safety procedures and guidelines, wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and inspire each other. We play an active role in coaching, mentoring, and providing the necessary support.
  • I listen to and welcome feedback: We encourage each other to speak up whenever safety is at risk. As safety leaders, we actively give or seek feedback on safety behavior.